A Few More Winter Tales

Well, it's Monday, and I don't know about where you are, but here it's misting down a light rain over the icy slush from the weekend, so... yeah. Monday. That said, I've got news of the ebook sort, and it's a follow up to last years news of the ebook sort. Last year, the wonderful … Continue reading A Few More Winter Tales


Of Echoes Born — Art for “There & Then”

Every now and then as a writer someone does something so above-and-beyond thanks to something you've written. This happened to me yesterday. Matthew Bright, the skill behind the brilliant Inkspiral Design (who did the cover for Of Echoes Born and In Memoriam), came to the Bold Strokes Books UK meet in Nottingham, and he picked up … Continue reading Of Echoes Born — Art for “There & Then”

Writing Wednesday — Just Another Winter’s Tale

I have a surprise announcement today, in the form of an e-book anthology of holiday stories. Just Another Winter's Tale was the brainchild of Matthew Bright (he of the brilliant Inkspiral Book & Cover Design), and is a gathering of seven wee tales of the holiday by myself, Matthew Bright, Nicholas M. Campbell, Michael Thomas … Continue reading Writing Wednesday — Just Another Winter’s Tale

Sunday Shorts – “Threesome” Q&A with Chris Colby

This week, I'm having a virtual sit down with Chris Colby, who is making his nomenclatural debut with his erotica piece, "Fancy Dress," in Threesome. Chris was a "new to me" author, and meeting new folk is one of the reasons I undertook the Sunday Shorts project. Few sexual fantasies are as potent or lasting … Continue reading Sunday Shorts – “Threesome” Q&A with Chris Colby