Romancing the Capital 2018

Hey! I'm still alive, lack of posts being evidence to the contrary. Things went a little—okay, a lot—sideways over the last couple of weeks, and then there was the brilliant Romancing the Capital conference right after, and between all that, I basically dropped all the balls. First, a quick update on the sideways: His Fluffy … Continue reading Romancing the Capital 2018


The People in the Neighbourhood

Now that Of Echoes Born has been out a while—and I recently finished page proofs for Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks—I've been working on "Faux-Ho-Ho." "Faux-Ho-Ho" is a gay romance holiday novella with a "fake relationship" trope at the core, and it begins (and ends) in my fictional version of Ottawa's queer village (or, as … Continue reading The People in the Neighbourhood