The People in the Neighbourhood

Now that Of Echoes Born has been out a while—and I recently finished page proofs for Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks—I've been working on "Faux-Ho-Ho." "Faux-Ho-Ho" is a gay romance holiday novella with a "fake relationship" trope at the core, and it begins (and ends) in my fictional version of Ottawa's queer village (or, as … Continue reading The People in the Neighbourhood


Of Echoes Born — Now Available Everywhere!

June is Pride Month, and this particular June I'm waving my rainbow flag all the higher because Of Echoes Born released at the start of the month from Bold Strokes Books's webstore, and as of today? It's available everywhere. So if you were waiting for it from your local e-tailor or retailer of choice, today … Continue reading Of Echoes Born — Now Available Everywhere!