Of Echoes Born — Art for “There & Then”

Every now and then as a writer someone does something so above-and-beyond thanks to something you've written. This happened to me yesterday. Matthew Bright, the skill behind the brilliant Inkspiral Design (who did the cover for Of Echoes Born and In Memoriam), came to the Bold Strokes Books UK meet in Nottingham, and he picked up … Continue reading Of Echoes Born — Art for “There & Then”

Today! 9th Annual @boldstrokebooks UK Book Festival

It's here! In less than an hour, registration will commence for the Bold Strokes Books festival here in Nottingham! I've more-or-less recovered from my Peak District Walk with Cari Hunter yesterday (there will be more on that, I promise) and now it's time to shift into author mode alongside dozens of other BSB authors for … Continue reading Today! 9th Annual @boldstrokebooks UK Book Festival