#PrideMonth — Family Values

I live in a bubble. More specifically, I live in a queer, lower-case-L liberal bubble. I often hear people refer to living in a bubble as a bad thing, and I do understand why. The bubble gives you a skewed view of what you think most people think. Talking about queer rights in my bubble doesn't … Continue reading #PrideMonth — Family Values


#PrideMonth — What’s the Opposite of Queer?

Pride Month is here, and in the last five days I've already seen more than a few references to who Pride is or isn't for. A few of those references I can agree with (say, for example, agreeing that Pride is not for empowered organizations who carry guns and wear uniforms). But then the other … Continue reading #PrideMonth — What’s the Opposite of Queer?


Edit: I’m dropping out of this theme for the month. The short reason is this: It’s hurting and excluding people I wanted to include in the first place, and that’s not okay. I thought I could patch-job. I can’t. The longer reason is: The original idea happened super-quickly. It jumped from brainstorming to being posted without any chance … Continue reading #PrideReads