Romancing the Capital 2018

Hey! I'm still alive, lack of posts being evidence to the contrary. Things went a little—okay, a lot—sideways over the last couple of weeks, and then there was the brilliant Romancing the Capital conference right after, and between all that, I basically dropped all the balls. First, a quick update on the sideways: His Fluffy … Continue reading Romancing the Capital 2018


Impact, Intent, and Queering While Queer

First, impact. Even though I've got a feeling I'm about to write a long post, I want to make sure the first and clearest thing is this: I'm sorry. I wrote a tweet recently (or, rather, a quote-tweet). This one: It hurt people. Specifically: between "normalize" in the original tweet and "that's not how any … Continue reading Impact, Intent, and Queering While Queer