Tinder — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Story

Here's my entry for the first Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (the post for the original January draw is here, and a round-up post for all the stories I'm aware of that were written is here). In case you didn't know about this challenge, there's a video here explaining (and showing the first draw), but the … Continue reading Tinder — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge Story


Five Shillings and Sixpence

This was written for the Renaissance Press Holiday Blog Roll 2017! Five Shillings and Sixpence None of this is right, thought Peter, when the turkey was delivered. It wasn’t the bird itself, though to be sure there was no way his father could have afforded such a large turkey. It was… everything. Peter tugged at the … Continue reading Five Shillings and Sixpence


It wasn’t a magic hat, and it certainly wasn’t about laughing and playing—though there is dancing—but if you’ll let me, I promise there’s a story worth telling. It’s not just about the snowman, either. Or the magician—who, by the way, was a woman, not a man, but that should surprise none who’ve watched how history is … Continue reading Frost