Historical Romance and Queerness as Up For Debate

I recently joined the RWA despite knowing full well it wouldn’t necessarily be a place I’d be welcome. I’m a queer writer of queer stories—including romance—and seeing some forward motion in the organization made me think perhaps it was time. Or at the very least, it was time enough to try and get involved, rather … Continue reading Historical Romance and Queerness as Up For Debate


WROTE Podcast — The Queerlings

Hello, happy Friday, and oh my God it's almost December. That last part is the total shakedown of nerves over the launch, tomorrow, of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. I'm fine. It's fine. (I'm not fine. I'm a mess.) But! I got to go spend time with the brilliant Vance Bastian over at Writers on the … Continue reading WROTE Podcast — The Queerlings