Not All Catholics (or Christians, or…)

Recently, I shared a post on my Facebook about a Denver Archbishop preaching hate in the form of conversion therapy (which is widely debunked and incredibly harmful, just to make that clear). I dismissed him with a series of invectives, and then edited the post after someone asked why I'd share the post in the … Continue reading Not All Catholics (or Christians, or…)


The Five Crowns and Colonel’s Sabre

Every year for the past few years, I've re-written a holiday story through a queer lens, retelling it as a way to retroactively tell stories to my younger self that include people like me. The first year, I wrote "Dolph," (a retelling of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). Then I wrote "Frost," (a retelling of Frosty … Continue reading The Five Crowns and Colonel’s Sabre


Edit: I’m dropping out of this theme for the month. The short reason is this: It’s hurting and excluding people I wanted to include in the first place, and that’s not okay. I thought I could patch-job. I can’t. The longer reason is: The original idea happened super-quickly. It jumped from brainstorming to being posted without any chance … Continue reading #PrideReads


Yesterday I shared the awesome cover for my YA novel, Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks (which is listed on Indiebound for pre-order!). I shared the blurb, described the book, chatted about it on Twitter and Facebook, and... And got nervous. Like, super nervous. It took me a day to figure out what was bothering me, … Continue reading Nervous