Bold Strokes, Bookathon, and Bag of Giving (oh my!)

Some authors are really, really good at making appearances and taking part in events, making an ongoing dialog available on a regular basis. Others end up booking four things in one extended weekend. Guess which I am? Go on, guess. I'll wait. BSB Bookathon, April 8-10, 2022; register here. The Bold Strokes Books Bookathon It's … Continue reading Bold Strokes, Bookathon, and Bag of Giving (oh my!)

The Future in Flame

Every December 14th for the past six (six!) years, I’ve re-written a holiday story through a queer lens, retelling it as a way to retroactively tell stories to my younger self that include people like me. The first year, I wrote “Dolph,” (a retelling of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer). Then I wrote “Frost,” (a retelling of Frosty the Snow-Man), “Reflection,” (a … Continue reading The Future in Flame