Holiday Reading (and Re-Reading), Part Three

Before I forget, a gentle reminder that my interview on WROTE Podcast is still up, so if you're wondering about what it was like to write Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks, a queer YA, given I'm mumble-mumble years old, or how I tried to tackle the "But I don't like short stories!" crowd with my … Continue reading Holiday Reading (and Re-Reading), Part Three


WROTE Podcast — The Queerlings

Hello, happy Friday, and oh my God it's almost December. That last part is the total shakedown of nerves over the launch, tomorrow, of Exit Plans for Teenage Freaks. I'm fine. It's fine. (I'm not fine. I'm a mess.) But! I got to go spend time with the brilliant Vance Bastian over at Writers on the … Continue reading WROTE Podcast — The Queerlings

WROTE, Chosen Families, Canuckisms, and the Three Sentence Review

Hey guys! Yesterday was the first day Triad Soul was available (though the Bold Strokes Books webstore), and it was quite a day. If I said I was a bit groggy today, I'd be understating, and it was only the first day! Today, however, I've got something really freaking cool. WROTE Podcast had me on … Continue reading WROTE, Chosen Families, Canuckisms, and the Three Sentence Review