August Flash Fiction Draw Roundup

It's August, and we're on to the eighth collection of stories! Before anything else, though, this just gets more fun every month because so many of you give this a shot with me, so a big thank you to all the writers who wrote something. We even have some newbies this month, which makes me really … Continue reading August Flash Fiction Draw Roundup


Ghosted — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge

Here’s my entry for the August Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (the post for the original August draw is here). In case you didn’t know about this challenge, there’s a video here explaining (and showing the monthly draw), but the quick version is this: I use three suits from a deck of cards to randomly put together a genre … Continue reading Ghosted — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge

You must write every day—my favourite BS notion.

Cait is right.

Spoonie Authors Network

I have been trying so hard to stay out of social media arguments these days, stopping myself from reading or writing comments. Mostly because I find it comes to nothing in the end and drains my spoons.

But then a thing happened this week I couldn’t ignore.

A quote appeared on my Twitter timeline from an account that purports to give writer advice:

Compel yourself to write several hours every day no matter how bad you feel.


Seriously. Several hours. Every day. No matter how bad you feel.

If you follow me, you know that I’m disabled because of fibromyalgia. Many days the pain in my hands is too acute for me to type. Sometimes the pain in the rest of my body becomes so intense, I can barely concentrate. Not to mention the debilitating fatigue that comes with sustaining all that constant pain. Sounds like the…

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