Friday Flash Fics — “Greater Good” (Part Three)

Today's Friday Flash Fics continues the tale from the previous two, returning to the present of "Greater Good." This ongoing story tells the other side of “Lesser Evil,” which was was my first superhero story—or, rather, super-villain—and focused on a telepath named Tristan Edwards, who could not only read minds but could force people to … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — “Greater Good” (Part Three)

Sunday Shorts—Omoshango by Dayo Ntwari

This latest from People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction was so freaking brilliant. Here's the thing: I want this to be a movie. Or a miniseries. Narratively, there's a simplicity to the set-up; some people are born with wings. Simple, right? Well, no. Because those people are all black, and on the world-stage, the reaction to … Continue reading Sunday Shorts—Omoshango by Dayo Ntwari

Sunday Shorts—Tangled Nets by Ana Mardoll

"Tangled Nets" launches No Man of Woman Born, Mardoll's collection of short fiction featuring characters who "aren’t special because they are trans, they are special and they are trans" and I am so on board. Set in the remains of a place once part of a larger kingdom (now a shoreline village with many families eking out survival from … Continue reading Sunday Shorts—Tangled Nets by Ana Mardoll