Friday Flash Fics — Inspired

I missed last week thanks to an inner ear infection, but this week's Friday Flash Fics inspiration solidly landed me back with Michel and Clive from "Pentimento" (which appears in Of Echoes Born, and who we've already visited once in a previous Friday Flash Fic piece, "Morning After, After Mourning" (which this piece follows a … Continue reading Friday Flash Fics — Inspired


Covens of the Capital

Next month is Romancing the Capital, a brilliant reader conference put together by Eve Langlais, and as part of the event, readers can collect postcards from attending authors (they even get a little album to put them in, which is super-cool). Being the giant nerd I am, it occurred to me that the "B-side" of … Continue reading Covens of the Capital

Spillway — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge

Here’s my entry for the July Flash Fiction Draw Challenge (the post for the original July draw is here). In case you didn’t know about this challenge, there’s a video here explaining (and showing the seventh draw), but the quick version: I used a deck of cards (three suits) to randomly put together a genre (in this case: … Continue reading Spillway — A Flash Fiction Draw Challenge