Giveaway—Paranormal Week at Joyfully Jay

pnr weekHey everyone! Today begins the awesomeness that is Paranormal Week over on Joyfully Jay, and this includes a massive freaking giveaway.

I’m tossing my own hat in the ring (you totally have to go check out the titles available, by the way—so many freaking books!) so I thought I’d let you know now, rather than a week from now when it’s too late and Anders has walked his sexy demon butt away.

You’ve got a week to enter, and all you have to do is list your “wish-list” of eight to twelve titles from all the giveaways offered.

Keep your eyes on the site, and if you’re feeling like maybe a little bit of urban paranormal set in Ottawa might be your thing? Well. You could get lucky, no?

One thought on “Giveaway—Paranormal Week at Joyfully Jay

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