Book Birthday: Saving the Date

Wow, that whole linear time thing does sure happen, doesn’t it?

A year ago, Saving the Date was released. It was a couple of “firsts” for me, too: my first co-authored work (alongside Angela S. Stone, who wrote the Zach POV chapters) and my first brush with a multi-author shared-world series (the 1Night Stand series from Decadent Publishing).

It was also a labour of love for some representation we both felt important. With Morgan, I wanted to write a character who was dealing with trauma and scars and sexuality in a way that resonated for me, and with Zach, Angela wanted to write a bisexual character who’d experienced not just a little bit of the erasure of being bi while in a relationship.

Saving the Date

CoverAfter a vicious gay bashing, Morgan has spent the last three years working hard to survive and thrive. His latest plan? Using Madame Evangeline’s high-end dating service, 1NightStand, to take the anniversary of the worst night of his life and replace it with a good—and maybe even sexy—memory.

Zach, a police officer with the Hate & Bias Crime Unit, is still coming to terms with his divorce and struggling to move on with his life. Using a matchmaking service is so very not his style, but sometimes a guy has to trust his friends—even if they don’t know everything about him, and he’s not sure they ever will.

Face-to-face, however, it becomes clear that despite an attraction, there’s a problem. Morgan and Zach have already met—three years ago. But with some courage, a couple of pairs of skates, and a leap of faith? Morgan and Zach have a shot at saving more than one day. Together? They might just make a future.


Also, for fans of Handmade Holidays or Of Echoes Born, there’s crossover! Phoebe is Morgan’s boss, and she has a few moments to shine here, and Morgan is a Misfit Toy, right out of the Village.

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