Low Angst? Check! Festive? Check! Fellas finding love? Check!

An image of two men in Santa hats kissing while they decorate a Christmas Tree; Beneath, text says: Low angst festive MM reads; December 15-31.

As of Tuesday, “Felix Navidad” is out there in the world on all platforms, and I couldn’t be happier to tie a ribbon around the last of the four Bittersweets Club fellas. Reviews have been really kind, and I love how many of you have dropped a note my way about a line or two that particularly tickled your fancy.

(And, on that specific note, I, too, know how to operate a thermostat.)

Now, if you’ve read “Felix Navidad,” then you know my holiday novellas have would maybe fit the same descriptor as the coffee joint in question: bittersweet. That is to say, the fellas get there, but on their way, they’ll often have to face down a few sad moments—but they’ll do it together, or with their chosen family. I don’t generally write dark, angsty romance plots—no shade thrown—instead liking to focus on queer people coming together to make things brighter for each other. If that’s your thing, too? Well, as of today, I can point you in the direction of holiday stories definitely low on the angst, high on the heart, and—in quite a few cases—also offering a dose of steam.

Low Angst Festive MM Reads is running from December 15th through to the end of the year, and I’m chuffed to have “Felix Navidad” in there among them. Check them out by clicking that link there or by clicking on the graphic of those smooching fellas (they’re totally going to drop an ornament if they’re not careful), and maybe find yourself a new favourite.

And as always, I hope this season gives you some cheer!

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