The Glory of Love, Loser’s Edition

Y’know, it’s actually quite brave to say all this. And, in the spirit of the same level of honesty, I’m there, too. Light was shortlisted for a Lammy, and I was stunned. Triad Blood, which I truly believe is a better book, was not. “Deflating” is the right word.

I absolutely write for readers, and for myself, and for this sort of “what-if?” version of myself who never got to read the books he wanted to read that included him. But there are times where a little bit of outside, “Wow, well done you!” is helpful.

Aurora Rey

I promise this is not a post about Peter Cetera. Or The Karate Kid Part II. It is a little bit about love, though. And glory. And why I write.

I’ve reflected before about why I write romance novels. Of my delight in having readers. Fans, even. I’ve touched on how nice the money is and how much it has meant to me–as a writer and a person–to have found a home in the lesfic community.

But today I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’m also in it for the glory.

Perhaps glory is the wrong word. Esteem might be better, with a layer of recognition. But glory is definitely part of it. And I’d already committed to the Peter Cetera reference, so here we are.

Today, the last batch of finalists for the Golden Crown Literary Society Awards (the Goldies) were announced. Built to Last

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