Quick Update

Re: the current events in Romancelandia.

I have no idea what to say, honestly. I’m still a big brain foggy from the giant trip home and jet-lagged. When I re-blogged my piece on Pseudonyms vs. Identities, I was commenting on a piece of the conversation I was seeing on my phone.

At first, I hadn’t realized there was an ongoing explosion.

(I still think all the same things in the blog, though; a pen name is not the same as identity, and crossing the line from one to the other is not okay.)

Now that the explosion has happened?

I don’t know a whole lot more I can say. It looks like this went a lot deeper than even identity. It’s important not to drive the conversation back to “it doesn’t matter/the story is all that matters.”

Because it does matter. One of the few things any reader can do to try and adjust the biases of dominant voices is to support lesser heard voices. Co-opting one of those voices (even if you’re in other ways marginalized) is never going to be okay.

One thing I really want to stress is how this incident is not at all the same as trans, non-binary, or genderqueer authors and voices.

Do not turn this on them.

So. I’m going to take a breath today. On my vacation, I read some great queer voices.

Tomorrow I’ll likely start talking about those great queer voices again.

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