Village Fool (or, The Joke Is On Me)

Village Fool Teaser

So, funny thing. Well, not funny ha-ha so much as perhaps-I-shall-laugh-instead-of-cry, but it turns out I have an announcement today that I was hoping would be one thing and is instead another.

First—I swear this isn’t a joke. April Fools Day is kind of a terrible day to make any sort of serious statement, but that was kind of going to be the fun of it. The thing I wanted to announce? I have a gay romance novelette to release: “Village Fool.” It’s set in my fictional queer Village alongside Of Echoes Born, “Handmade Holidays,” “Saving the Date,” and “Faux Ho Ho,” and involves two of the fellas you met in “Faux Ho Ho,” Owen and Toma.

Except, of course, I don’t have a gay romance novelette to release.

The extra level of funny (not ha-ha, the other kind) comes from the plot and my life deciding to intersect. See, in “Village Fool,” Owen and Toma meet because Owen has to do some physiotherapy after an accident wrecks the tendons on his right arm (he’s lucky he’s left handed), and Ru suggests he check out Body Positive for a physiotherapist, which is where me meets Toma. Then there’s me: A couple of months ago, I wrecked the tendons in my left arm (I’m lucky I’m right handed) and I can barely type. My physiotherapist is really nice (though I haven’t crushed out on her) and thanks to this whole, y’know, pandemic thing, my physiotherapy is progressing at a snail’s pace over video-chats and at-home exercises so the book about the guy who has to do physiotherapy so he can recover the full use of his arm isn’t getting written because the author has to do physiotherapy to recover the full use of his arm.

Are you seeing the funny?

I’m trying to. Because honestly? It is kind of funny. It sucks and I’m annoyed I couldn’t get this done for an actual April Fools release, but it is what it is.

Oh, that brings me to the plot again.

Owen is only confident when he’s sitting around a gaming table playing the role of his smooth and charming bard, Kallax, which is why he’s never considered acting on the crush he’s had on his physiotherapist Toma since the day they met. Even though they’re not patient and client any more, and Owen’s crush hasn’t dialled down in the slightest, he just doesn’t have it in him to do anything about it.

When a friend decides to play an April Fools day prank involving Owen’s contact list, Owen spends most of his morning on April Fools Day inadvertently texting smooth and charming thoughts about Toma… to Toma himself.

By the time Owen discovers the April Fools prank, things are completely out of control. Discussions of thighs and awards for the World’s Best Chest have been handed out—not to mention they’ve set an accidental coffee date—and there’s no taking that sort of thing back, no matter how smooth or charming he might pretend to be. When this joke finally gets told, Owen’s convinced he’s going to be the punchline, but with a little luck and some help from his friends, the last laugh might be worth it yet.

So there you have it. Or, I guess, there you don’t have it. Not yet. But I swear, once I can type for more than fifteen minutes at a time without pain, it will happen. It’s so close. And I cannot wait to show you the cover Inkspiral Design did for this little fella, though if you saw the cover for “Faux Ho Ho” you know exactly the kind of magic Inkspiral does.

In the meantime, well… I guess we all wait for the joke.

2 thoughts on “Village Fool (or, The Joke Is On Me)

  1. Hey, you take care of you. Yes, we love your writing and your stories, but health comes first. There’s no doubt you’ll be able to rock this one out once you’re able to. Never fear!

    Liked by 1 person

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