SpAN Interview with ’Nathan Burgoine

I was up on The Spoonie Authors Network for my turn in the Q&A chair!

Spoonie Authors Network

Your humble SpAN Editor here. Over the next several weeks I have the privilege of interviewing the talented authors and contributors of the Spoonie Authors Network. Please read and share these posts to promote and encourage these amazing people. We spoonies need each other! Thank you for following us! You can find more interviews under Author Intervews.

This week I interviewed an author who I’ve really come to admire and respect. A tall man who mostly writes short fiction—’Nathan Burgoine.

Triad soul cover Click to see a list of ‘Nathan’s published works!

(Please note that responses to my questions are minimally edited to preserve the integrity of the author’s answers.)I first discovered who you were at Can-Con 2016, when I attended two excellent sessions that included you as a panelist. The first was about writing sex scenes, moderated by author Angela Stone, and the second was about representation of queer characters…

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